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Irish Times Property Clinic 9th day of July 2015.

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Publishing Date; Thursday the 9th day of July 2015. Q I’m in the process of buying a Celtic Tiger apartment, one of a small block. All are currently empty, but in good condition. How does one get a management company set up where all owners are members? Is this our job or the vendor’s? The commo
Irish Times Property Clinic 25th day of June 2015.

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Q We live in a small development in Dublin that is effectively all apartments. Each property has its own hall door to the street so there are no lifts; each property also has its own private, enclosed space outside (small garden or patio). We bought the property a few months ago and moved in recentl
Irish Times Property Clinic 14th day of May 2015

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Q I live in the middle of an inner city terrace and have a problem with open drains from my next door neighbour’s front drains. The neighbour’s house consists of four flats. Their kitchen wastewater flows into an open drain in the small front garden, adjoining my front garden. Wastewater from their
Irish Times Property Clinic 7th day of May 2015.

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Q My wife and I bought a house in a private development about three years ago. The building company went bust and the houses were sold at a very big discount. A management company runs the development but it is still in the hands of the receiver. We want to convert the attic into a gamesroom/den for
Irish Times Property Clinic 23rd day of April 2015

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Q I own a ground floor apartment in a small town in Co Mayo. I have lived here for nearly nine years and have paid the service charge every year. The fee has reduced in the last few years but it is still an expense that I have to budget for. What is on my mind at the moment is that I know a lot of