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Irish Times Property Clinic 5th day of February 2015

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Q I have received a copy of a notice to approve the budget and service charges in our apartment complex for 2015 from our owners’ management company (OMC) which does not have a managing agent but is “self-managed” by effectively one member. There are several legal casesoutstanding against the OMC bu
Irish Times Property Clinic 27th day of November 2014

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Q I live in a very old converted apartment complex, which has an exposed stone external wall. I have had water ingress through the external wall, and the management company undertook works in the form of re-pointing the stone joints and capping. They have now advised that I should replace the “unsui
Irish Times Property Clinic 20th Day of November 2014

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Q I recently acquired a mortgage and bought an apartment in Dublin. After buying this apartment I received an estimate letter from the management company which stated that from the end of February 2014 to December 2014 the approximate fee was €920. Recently I received another invoice from the manage
Irish Times Property Clinic 25th day of September 2014

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QThe directors of my owners’ management committee have made a number of transgressions, the most serious of which include the termination of our management agent’s contract, failing to provide proper notice prior to an AGM and amending the memorandum and articles of the OMC to include paragraphs rel
Irish Times Property Clinic 9th day of October 2014

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Q. I'm in my twenties and about to buy my first apartment. It's very exciting, I'm quite nervous but the place is a good deal. One of the reasons it's a good deal is that there is some damp damage resulting from water finding its way into one of the bedrooms through the balcony above me (the balconi