Our Property Review aims to give you an exclusive overview of important factors affecting today’s market. These include changes in legislation for all types of property, global issues affecting the market as well as personal opinions on how the property market is performing. By regularly visiting our property review, we hope that you will be equipped to make swift and informed decisions in order to keep up with the ever changing market. Some of the questions we will be asking are: How are residential lettings performing? Should I go to my Landlord and renegotiate my lease terms? Or does my house or apartment need a Building Energy Rating Certificate?
Irish Times Property Clinic 11th day of September 2014

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Q.For my sins I am the chairman of an owners’ management company. A number of owners have served on the committee over the years. We have prided ourselves on keeping up the appearance of the property, and have been active in dealing with any maintenance issues, either as they have arisen or on a pla
Irish Times Property Clinic 4th day of September 2014

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Q. Our apartment complex has recently experienced a series of burglaries. It would appear that the burglars accessed the complex via a gate which is left frequently unlocked, allowing members of the public to access the complex. Despite numerous complaints by myself and a number of other tenants to
Irish Times Property Clinic 26th day of July 2014

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Q. Is it legal to sell property when the annual management fee is unknown? How can I buy this property when I don’t know what the annual management fee is? A. The service charge may be set without holding a meeting of the members as there are none at this time with the exception of the board of
Irish Times Property Clinic 17th day of July 2014.

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Q.I sit on the board of directors of the owners’ management company for our block of apartments. We would like to take on a property management agent but are unsure of how to go about it. What do we need to check for before engaging with a company and what services will they provide typically? Some
Irish Times Property Clinic 3rd day of July 2014

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Q. I bought an apartment in a large complex in Dublin in 2006. I could initially afford my service charge payments in addition to my mortgage repayments as I was on a reasonable salary. As with a lot of people, I took a significant pay cut in the height of the recession and found myself struggling t