Our Property Review aims to give you an exclusive overview of important factors affecting today’s market. These include changes in legislation for all types of property, global issues affecting the market as well as personal opinions on how the property market is performing. By regularly visiting our property review, we hope that you will be equipped to make swift and informed decisions in order to keep up with the ever changing market. Some of the questions we will be asking are: How are residential lettings performing? Should I go to my Landlord and renegotiate my lease terms? Or does my house or apartment need a Building Energy Rating Certificate?
Irish Times Property Clinic 19th day of June 2014.

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Q. My girlfriend and I bought an apartment in a large complex last year. We were informed at the time that the management company in the complex does not allow satellite dishes as they take from the overall look of the development; unfortunately we didn’t question it or even think too much about it
Irish Times Property Clinic Thursday the 29th day of May 2014

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Q I live in a multi-unit development of about 300 apartments. It is well run with adequate capital funding. The downside is that few turn up for the agm. My concern is that motions, mainly for potential changes to house rules, could be passed by a small attendance. This has not happened to date but
Irish Times Property Clinic 22nd day of May 2014

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Q I own an apartment in a large block. I pay an annual fee and have never missed a payment. Many of the other owners in this development are in the same position. However, it has come to our attention that some owners have not been paying management fees and the management company has run up a consi
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Q My boyfriend and I are currently renting an apartment in a large development in south Dublin. Pets are not allowed in the complex and this was one of the deciding factors for me when we chose to move in as I have had bad experiences with loud dogs in the past. It turns out, however, that the neig
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Q I live in an apartment block and one of my neighbours parks a large commercial truck in the parking space beside mine which often takes up some of my parking space and sometimes I cannot park my car there. I have left a note on the windscreen but to no avail. Is there anything I can do? A There